Talking to your academic advisor is an excellent first step when contemplating majors or minors. Advisors are familiar with the majors and minors in their division and can get you started in thinking about your options. In addition, each academic department has a director of undergraduate studies, and larger departments also include a lecturer-advisor. These faculty can tell you about the programs of study, special opportunities for undergraduates, and graduate school and careers in their fields. The UNC Catalog provides complete information about the requirements for all majors and minors, as well as the complete listing of all courses offered by each department.

University Career Services offers online tools to help you identify your interests and skills, personality and values, and how they can be matched with your educational and careers and goals. UCS counselors will discuss the results of these tools with you, and can guide you in devising a plan for further action. The UCS and their offices on the second floor of Hanes Hall provide many additional resources, whether you are just beginning to explore careers and majors, or are looking into internships, writing a resume, or preparing for job interviews.

Are you thinking about attending graduate or professional school? University Career Services offers one-on-one advice for students considering careers in lawhealth-care, or a graduate degree in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and some professional arenas.

UNC Academic Advising offers an undergraduate STEM listserv that provides a digest of relevant STEM events once every week or two to students, faculty and staff.  To subscribe to the STEM listserv, send a blank message to

To declare or change a major or minor, you should schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor who works with the major. Some majors and minors are by application and acceptance only, and some must be begun early enough in your undergraduate career in order for you to finish them within the allotted eight terms.The College of Arts and Sciences will award only one bachelor’s degree to a student. Students are permitted, however, to study up to three subjects in depth. Consult your academic advisor and The UNC Catalog for rules about combining majors and minors.

See Resources for Undecided Students for additional information and suggestions.