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Adding Courses

How long into the semester am I able to add new classes to my schedule?

Adding classes to your schedule gets progressively a little trickier the further into the semester we get. Remember, being added to a class is dependent on there being open spots!

First five days of classes: Add yourself to any course via ConnectCarolina.

6th to 10th day of classes: Reach out directly to the academic department to add a class. Assuming the class has open seats and you meet the pre-requisites, the academic department will be able to assist you with enrollment.

11th day of classes and onwards: To add a class, you will need to speak with your advisor or attend virtual drop-in hours to fill out an “add/drop form.” You will need to provide proof of the permission from the instructor to join the course during your meeting with UNC Advising, so make sure you communicate with the course instructor prior to visiting our office.

We do not suggest joining a course more than 3 weeks after the course has begun.

This often leaves you with a lot of catching up to do. Sometimes there are special circumstances where adding a class would be advised. You are welcome to discuss this option with your advisor.

Dropping Courses

How long am I able to drop a course without receiving a W on my transcript?

You have until the Census deadline to drop a course without receiving a withdrawal notation, or W, on your transcript. Please visit the academic calendar on the Registrar website to view the Census deadline for your current term.

Can I still drop a class after Census?

Yes! You have until the drop deadline to drop a class with a W notation on your transcript. The drop deadline varies by term, so be sure to review the academic calendar.

You do not need permission* to drop a class prior to the drop deadline as long as you will remain enrolled in 12+ credit hours (*except for levels 1-3 of global language and ENGL 105).

If dropping a class would result in you going below 12 credit hours (full-time), you will not be able to drop the class via ConnectCarolina. You will need to speak with an advisor about your situation.

When is the drop deadline?

The drop deadline for your current term can be found on the academic calendar on the Registrar website.

Pass/Fail Declaration for a Class

What does Pass/Fail mean?

To pass/fail a class means to change the grading basis of a class from a standard letter grade (A-F) to either a P(Pass) or F(Fail). By default, almost all of the classes you will take here at UNC will result in earning a letter grade. Each semester, you have the option to ask that one of those classes taken for a letter grade be changed to a course you take on a Pass/Fail (P/F) grading basis. If a request is approved, you will not earn a letter grade for the course, and if it is a pass, it will not contribute towards your GPA.

What are the rules about what I can and cannot Pass/Fail?

Students can elect up to one course a semester to be changed to a Pass/Fail grading basis, and only 16 credit hours total during their time here at UNC. Courses that are on a default Pass/Fail grade basis (i.e. LFIT and IDST 101/College Thriving) do not count towards that total.

You are able to Pass/Fail:

  • A class being taken for a general education requirement- however, if it is approved to be taken P/F, it can no longer count towards that general education requirement; it effectively turns the class into an elective! You will need to take another class down the line to fulfill that requirement.
  • One class in your major or minor core requirements. This does not include anything that is labelled an “additional requirement” in the catalog for that particular major/minor.
  • Any course being taken for general elective hours

You cannot Pass/Fail:

Any course labelled as an “additional requirement” of your major or minor, unless there are multiple options to fulfill the same requirement. Every different requirement for a major or minor in the catalog can be identified by whether or not there is a credit hour listed on that line.

Let’s look at an example:

  • CHEM 101 and 101L is its own requirement, with no alternatives listed. This class cannot be declared P/F for a student in this major.
  • Any class listed under the “One of:” requirement can be declared P/F as there are multiple class options to fulfill the same requirement. If the student elected to declare MATH 152 P/F, the class would no longer be able to count towards their major; it would turn into an elective. The student would then need to pick another class from this list and take it for a letter grade to complete that requirement.

Other courses you cannot Pass/Fail:

  • Any course that is a “Gateway” or “Prerequisite” for your major(s) and/or minors(s), for example COMP 110 for any Computer Science major.
  • Any course that satisfies a “First-Year Foundations” requirement
  • Global language courses levels 1-3 if that language is being used to fulfill the General Education requirement
  • Courses you have previously taken and passed for a letter grade
  • Any course taken during a summer session
  • Any honors seminar or honors course
  • Courses taken via interinstitutional enrollment