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About Nontraditional Readmission

Nontraditional readmission is a process for students who have away been away from full-time academic study for at least five years, and who would not otherwise be able to return due to issues of academic eligibility.

The University recognizes that individuals can gain personal and intellectual maturity over a period of time. In such cases, the University may choose to evaluate applicants for readmission on the basis of their current academic promise rather than their earlier academic performance.

How Your Transcript is Affected

Students granted nontraditional readmission will retain credit hours for all UNC‐Chapel Hill coursework completed with a grade of C or better (not C‐).  Courses passed with grades of D, D+ or C‐ will be considered to fulfill requirements, but with zero hours credited.

About the Review Process

The Associate Dean for the Academic Advising Program will review your request and notify you by email of the decision.  If your appeal is approved, all appropriate paperwork will be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

Are you a good candidate for Nontraditional Readmission?

Nontraditional readmission is reserved for students whose cumulative grade point average is very low compared with readmission standards, making it difficult for them to restore their academic eligibility to “Eligible‐In Good Standing” through enrollment in the summer term or Carolina Courses Online coursework.

You should consider carefully whether nontraditional readmission will benefit you. When nontraditional readmission is granted, the student’s grade‐point average will be set to calculate anew. Although prior grades will remain on the transcript, they will not affect the cumulative grade‐point average.

How do I submit an appeal for Nontraditional Readmission?

You should carefully read and fill out the online Nontraditional Readmission Student Form. This form addresses your readiness to return to UNC‐Chapel Hill as a full‐time or part‐time student and will require the following:

  • An explanation of the problems you faced in prior years and how you have addressed these issues
  • Identification of specific maturing life experiences (jobs, volunteering, life changes, etc.) that indicate your readiness to resume classroom study at UNC‐Chapel Hill
  • Identification of a realistic intended field of study
  • Evidence of recent successful part‐time classwork, e.g., course term, institution, and grade earned from UNC courses or courses at another institution

You will be able to upload any supporting documentation into the Nontraditional Readmission Student Form below.

"*" indicates required fields

If you do not have a PID or do not remember your PID, please enter 0000. Do not enter your social security number, any entry with a social security number will be removed.
Approval for nontraditional readmission does not provide approval for returning to Carolina. For additional information about Returning to Carolina, please see https://admissions.unc.edu/apply/readmission/


Please answer the following questions:
Provide a brief explanation of the problems you faced that affected your student success and how you have addressed these issues. What were your biggest challenges in achieving student success, and what have you done to take steps away from these challenges? (you may upload documentation below)
Identify specific maturing life experiences that indicate your readiness to resume classroom study at UNC-Chapel Hill. These experiences could be jobs you have had, volunteer opportunities, life changes (big and small), etc.
Please provide evidence of recent successful part-time classwork; Institution, Course, & Grade Earned (you may upload documentation below).
Identify a realistic intended field of study.
Upload documentation that supports your statements above. Some examples are; academic transcripts, letter of recommendation from coworkers/supervisors, medical provider documents, etc.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 98 MB.
    If not approved for nontraditional readmission, would you like to be considered for academic probation?*
    If you mark yes, we will consider this request your appeal for probation. https://advising.unc.edu/probation-appeals/

    Please read and check off next to each of the following agreement statements:

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    By clicking Submit you agree that you have read and agree to the above statements and the information that you have provided is true to your knowledge.