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Navigating Extenuating Circumstances

Course Drop Appeal

This option is for students who are seeking to drop a course(s) after the semester drop deadline has passed. If a course drop appeal is granted, the course grade will be changed to a “W” (withdrawal notation) on the transcript.

Retroactive Course Drop Appeal

The dropping of a course(s) after the last day of classes for that term. This means that a final grade has been assigned for the course(s), but if a retroactive course drop appeal is granted, the course(s) would be accompanied by a “W” (withdrawal notation) on the student’s transcript rather than the final grade that was originally assigned.

Retroactive Term Withdrawal Appeal

The dropping of ALL courses for a previous term completed. If a retroactive term withdrawal appeal is granted, ALL courses from that term would be accompanied by “W’s” (withdrawal notations) on the student’s transcript rather than the grades that were originally assigned.

Here’s What You Should Be Doing:

Before submitting an appeal, be sure that you have:

  1. Read the Student Guide for Preparing, Writing, and Submitting an Appeal
  2. Reviewed the Faculty Guidelines for Academic Appeals to understand how appeals are evaluated
  3. Secured supporting documentation to include in your appeal – this is outlined in the Student Guide for Preparing, Writing, and Submitting an Appeal

Here’s How We Can Help:

If you are unsure if your circumstances warrant an appeal, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss. Your academic advisor can offer support if you have additional questions or concerns regarding appeals or the potential impacts of course drops on academic eligibility or progress towards graduation. Your academic advisor can also help connect you with campus resources if needed.

Ready to Submit Your Appeal?

Appeals are reviewed weekly (except for the weeks of July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break). An appeals decision will be emailed to your official university email address within four days of review. If you no longer have an official university email, the decision will be sent to the postal address indicated on the Academic Appeal Form. Appeals decisions are final; however, you are welcome to meet with your academic advisor to discuss the ramifications of the decision and your options moving forward.