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A student who begins an enrolled term with a status of Warning or Probation and falls short of the standards at the end of that enrolled term will earn an academic status of Suspension. Students with an academic status of Suspension cannot enroll in any courses in any term, including Carolina Courses Online and Summer courses. Students with an academic status of Suspension have two options:

  1. Appeal for Probation. Students granted Probation by Appeal must complete an academic intervention. Students denied Probation by Appeal can pursue the following:
  2. Take time away from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Please review the questions and content below as they may relate to your situation.

What should I do while away from Carolina?
Spend a term engaging in study, work, or wellness activities away. These opportunities could include coursework at another institution, employment, volunteer work, or healthcare or wellness activities. During this time, reflect on your academic path, development, choices, and actions. We also encourage you to implement strategies that will enhance your effectiveness upon return to the University.

If you choose to enroll at another institution, you may transfer credits to Carolina subject to their approval by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and an Academic Advisor. To pursue this option, we encourage you to review the general rules surrounding transfer credit and follow the steps outlined here. To pursue this option, review the General Rules and follow the steps outlined here.

What action is needed when I feel ready to return to UNC-Chapel Hill?

After a term away from the University, students who have engaged in study, work, or wellness activities may appeal to return to the University on Probation. Students appealing after a term or longer away from the University must include documentation of their experiences while away, such as a transcript from another institution, a letter from an employer, or a letter from a healthcare provider. These documents must convey evidence of the student’s readiness to return to the University.

What immediate action is needed if I am Suspended and not approved for Probation?
All students leaving the University should make sure the following issues are addressed…

  • Connect Carolina: Address any checklist items (on your to-do list) or holds on your account in ConnectCarolina.
  • University Cashier: Call the University Cashier to review the billing schedule and to settle your financial accounts. The University Cashier’s Office, 2215 SASB North,, or 919-962-1368.
  • Scholarships and Student Aid: Discuss how time away from school may affect your current and future financial aid eligibility, and how to reapply for aid if you are planning to return at a later date. For more information on financial aid policies, please visit or call 919-962-8396.
  • Carolina Housing: Please contact your Resident Advisor to schedule a move-out inspection, and return your key(s) to the community office. Students leaving at any point during the semester must vacate their room within 48 hours of withdrawing. For more information, please visit or 919-962-5401.
  • Readmission:  Any student who does not enroll or withdraws from a Fall or Spring semester and wishes to re-enroll as a degree-seeking student must submit the Return to Carolina survey on the website.
  • One Card Office: Discontinue your meal plan and access to on-campus facilities at, or 919-962-8024.
  • Parking Services: Return your parking permit and pay any outstanding parking citations. For more information, please visit or call 919-962-3951.
  • Academic Advising Program: Discuss your academic eligibility and options for future enrollment with a member of our team. Schedule an appointment here.

Additional checklist items that may apply to you…

  • Do you have any books, materials or equipment borrowed from the campus libraries or recreation facilities? Go to to find the appropriate library contact information.
  • Are you a non-immigrant international student? Contact International Student and Scholar Services, 2004 FedEx Global Education Center,, 919-962-5661.