Our Mission

Academic Advising Peers’ mission is to support fellow students’ academic goals through education and outreach. Advising Peers work in conjunction with Professional Advisors in the Academic Advising Program by providing supplemental academic advising information and assistance to students who may have general questions or need direction to resources on campus.

How We Can Help

Individual conversations with students • General Student Perspective • Resource Explanation and referral • Policy Explanations • ConnectCarolina (What is this hold? Do all holds impact registration? How can I get a hold removed? • How to find my enrollment appointment? How do I search for classes?) • Registration Questions (Can I change my registration date? When will the credit load limit increase? What is the process for getting into a closed course?)

Meet With Us

Currently, peers are available during drop-in hours Monday-Thursday and are located in Hardin Hub. To meet with us, simply come in during drop-ins and ask for an Advising Peer.

We are also piloting drop in hours in Steele on Tuesday and Wednesday (1:30-4:30PM). Our goal is that our peers will be in Steele in the fall on Monday-Thursday!

Drop-In Hours

Hardin Hub
Monday-Thursday 4-6:30PM


Chat with an Advising Peer from 5-6pm Tuesday through Thursday. Chat can be used for general questions about policies and procedures. The site is not secure, so we cannot ask for any identifying information or look at your academic record. But if you have general questions, like what is your drop policy or how to transfer classes, we are here to help! Click on the chat icon below between 5-6pm to connect to chat.

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