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Your written statement is an important component of the appeals process. We encourage you to consider the following guidelines for an effective appeals statement.

  • Describe how these factors had a direct impact on your academic performance. Be as specific as possible. Provide any evidence that you were doing well until the circumstances occurred.
  • If you performed well in other courses but not a specific course, be very clear about what factors influenced your performance in that specific course and why other courses were not affected.
  • Let the committee know if you sought support from an on or off campus resource (including academic advising).
  • Share the steps are you taking now and any action you will continue to take to prevent this from happening again. It is helpful to share the names of specific people you will meet with and the resources you will use.

If you are appealing for probation or continued probation, your statement must include a detailed plan of action for how you will return to good academic standing.

  • Share if and how the problem has been resolved, and what (if anything) has changed about the factors which impacted your academic performance. Share any adjustments you made to get back on track.
  • Love Carolina and want to stay on campus.
  • Feel that losing academic eligibility will be very difficult.
  • Believe academic success means a lot to you and your family.

Do not spend a lot of time discussing these factors in your statement.

Include as many relevant details as possible, and be clear and concise. Take time to think about your statement and write it well. Turn it in, with relevant documentation of circumstances, before the appeals deadline.

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