Students considering withdrawal are strongly encouraged to see an advisor. Students in crisis or with urgent needs are encouraged to meet with an advisor during drop-in hours as opposed to waiting for a scheduled appointment. Students concerned about health-related matters should consider using Campus Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services for a medical withdrawal.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal refers to the official process of leaving the University and dropping all classes in an academic term, which differs from Cancellation of Enrollment. When students withdraw during the course of a fall or spring term, they must apply for readmission to the University before enrolling in on-campus courses. (Re-application is not required for students taking online courses through the Friday Center.) Official University policy regarding withdrawal is detailed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Students considering withdrawal should note that withdrawal may have financial and other repercussions. Students are advised to consult with appropriate University offices, including the University Cashier’s Office, the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, and Housing and Residential Education.

Medical Withdrawal

If a student decides to withdraw for reasons of illness, either physical or psychological, the student should contact Campus Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services, whether treatment was received there or elsewhere. If a medical withdrawal is authorized, the official withdrawal will be handled through the Office of the Director of Campus Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services. A medical withdrawal is effected without grades and without a semester in residence. Please read our medical withdrawal handout for more information on the process and associated resources.

Academic Withdrawal

Students may withdraw for non-medical reasons (personal, financial, or otherwise) during the course of a term, from the first to the last day of class in fall and spring terms, and up to the day before the last day of class in Maymester, Summer Session I or Summer Session II. However, students should note that withdrawal policy and procedure vary depending on when a student proceeds with a withdrawal. Moreover, these differences in rules can significantly impact a student’s academic record. Students considering an academic withdrawal may consult with an academic advisor during drop-in hours or consult the Registrar’s website.

Academic Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal is processed online through ConnectCarolina.  For information and access to the withdrawal request form, please go to the Registrar’s webpage.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Given extraordinary circumstances, students may appeal for the withdrawal of a semester after the conclusion of that semester. For more information, please visit the Course Drop and Withdrawal Appeals section.