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Accessing Your Student’s Data

Understanding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is crucial for navigating your student’s academic journey. FERPA ensures the privacy of your student’s educational records, granting them control over who can access this information.

FERPA limits our office’s ability to share specific details about your student’s academic progress without their explicit consent. This protection is designed to empower students in their educational decisions and privacy.

Encourage open communication with your student about their academic experiences. If you have questions or concerns, engaging in a dialogue with your student allows you both to navigate FERPA guidelines effectively.

If you need to speak with an academic advisor about your student’s academic information, you will need to provide a FERPA PIN.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration in respecting your student’s privacy rights.

Supporting your Student through Challenges

Encourage Open Communication

Communicate regularly with your student about their academic plans and progress.

Explore Campus Resources

Familiarize yourself and your student with available campus resources such as peer tutoring, the Writing and Learning centers, counseling services, and health services.

Seek Professional Help

If a crisis requires professional intervention, encourage your student to seek help from mental health professionals on campus at Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) or Campus Health.

Connect with Advisors

Encourage your student to reach out to academic advisors for guidance. Our advisors are equipped to provide support during difficult times.