The final exam schedule is available no later than the beginning of each term on the Office of the University Registrar’s Academic Calendar web page. Students are advised to consider their final exam schedule as they schedule classes for a term. Faculty may not alter the date or time of a final exam without permission of the Provost. For additional information regarding the length, timing, and policy of final examinations, consult the Undergraduate Bulletin. Remember that temporary grades of IN and AB factor into your GPA and can impact eligibility.

Final Exam Excuses

Certain circumstances warrant the rescheduling of a final exam.  We recommend that you contact Academic Advising as soon as possible by coming to a drop-in advising session.  You may need to see a dean as well as provide documentation for some excuses.

Exam excuses are commonly granted in the following circumstances.

  • Three exams offered in 24 hours
  • Two exams offered at the same time
  • An exam scheduled on a day of religious observance
  • A student with a serious illness
  • A student with a personal or family emergency

Three Exams in 24 Hours or Two Exams at the Same Time

In the case of a scheduling issue such as three exams in 24 hours, students may see an advisor about obtaining an exam excuse during drop-in hours (after the eighth week of class in fall and spring terms or the third day of class in summer terms). Advisors discuss, clarify policy, and issue excuses if warranted. In some instances, advisors may refer students to an academic dean or other University resource.

Religious Observance

Students may be excused for a final exam for religious observances required by their faith. Students are advised to see an academic dean in these circumstances. In addition, according to University policy, students must provide a written request for an excuse to their course instructor and to an academic dean no later than the last class day of the term.


Students who are seriously ill during the time of their final exams should consult Campus Health Services (CHS) or Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) about having their names entered on the Examination Excuse List. Students on this list may obtain an official exam excuse from a dean or an official permit from the Office of the University Registrar.

If students are treated at CHS or CAPS but do not appear on the Examination Excuse List, or they are not treated at CHS or CAPS, they should see a dean as soon as possible. Documentation should be provided.