The table below is an index of policies and procedures directly related to Academic Advising services. It is not comprehensive. The definitive source for University policies and procedures is your Undergraduate Bulletin. In addition, Scholarships & Student Aid, Student Accounts & University Receivables, Undergraduate Admissions, Undergraduate Curricula, and the University Registrar are superb offices which provide helpful and detailed policy and procedure information. For information on degree requirements, visit the Curriculum page.

Policies and procedures index

Policy or Procedure Information Provided
See Also
Academic Appeals An overview of types of appeals and how to proceed with an appeal Dropping Classes, Eligibility, and Withdrawal
Adding Classes How to add a course Interinstitutional Registration, Overload, and Registration
Additional Semester Appeal How to request an additional semester beyond the eight-semester limit Academic Appeals
Attendance Information on University attendance policy Religious Observance and Final Exam Excuse
Auditing Classes How to audit a course
By-Exam and Placement How to receive credit by exam or placement
Cancellation of Enrollment How to cancel your classes Dropping Classes and Withdrawal
Course Drop and Withdrawal Appeals How to appeal for a course drop or semester withdrawal Academic Appeals, Dropping Classes, and Withdrawal
Declaring Majors and Minors How to declare a major or a minor
Dropping Classes How to drop a course Cancellation of Enrollment, Part-Time Classroom Studies, and Registration
Eligibility Status How to determine your academic eligibility status Probation Appeal
Final Exam Excuse How to obtain an excuse for a final exam Attendance and Religious Observance
Grade Appeal How to appeal for a grade change Academic Appeals and Grading Policy
Grading Policy Information on University policies regarding undergraduate grading Grade Appeal
Graduation Application How to apply for graduation
Inter-Institutional Registration How to take courses at other participating institutions
Major Declaration See Declaring Majors and Minors
Minor Declaration See Declaring Majors and Minors
Nontraditional Readmission Appeal How to appeal for readmission when you have been out of school five or more years Academic Appeals
Overload How to request permission to enroll in more than 18 hours for fall/spring and 8 hours for summer
Part-Time Classroom Studies How to continue your studies on a part-time basis Dropping Classes and Underload
Pass/Fail How to declare a course Pass/Fail
Probation Appeal How to appeal when probation is not automatically granted Academic Appeals
Religious Observance How to request an excuse based on religious observances Attendance and Final Exam Excuses
Registration How to register online Adding Classes, Auditing Classes, Cancellation of Enrollment, Dropping Classes, and Registration Holds
Registration Holds Overview of registration holds and how to have them released  Registration
Repeating Courses Information on obtaining permission to repeat or retake a class
Senior Underload How to request a course underload in your final semester Underload
Transfer Credit Information on transfer credit
Underload How to take a reduced course load Part-Time Classroom Studies and Senior Underload
Withdrawal How to withdraw from the University Cancellation of Enrollment and Course Drop and Withdrawal Appeals