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Immediate Concern

If you believe a student may be a danger to him/herself and/or others, please call 911 immediately.

Physical Safety And Emotional Well-Being

If you have concerns about a student’s physical safety and/or emotional well-being, please contact the Dean of Students Office (919-966-4042)  or  Counseling and Psychological Services  (919-966-3658).

Academic Concerns

If you have academic concerns for your student, please encourage them to contact our office. If you need additional assistance, you can contact our office via chat or phone (919-966-5116). Please be aware of  FERPA regulations. These federal regulations limit what an advisor can discuss with parents/guardians without the student’s permission. With a student’s permission, the discussion may be more open. The student may grant permission to access records here.

If your student is sick or is expected to miss class for any length of time, we encourage your student to reach out to their instructor. For university approved absences, please visit The University Approved Absence Office.