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Welcome!  From orientation to graduation we are here to guide undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences and the General College on their academic path.  We serve current and returning students including all first-year and sophomore students as well as juniors and seniors with majors in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Our Vision Statement

Academic advising is an essential element of the educational experience that transforms undergraduates at Carolina.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a supportive environment in which we partner with undergraduates as they explore personal goals, develop educational plans, and thrive at Carolina.

Our Values

We believe that all undergraduates at UNC-Chapel Hill have the strengths and skills necessary to succeed.

We support a rich diversity of students who bring unique ideas and perspectives.

We value our partnership with students as we guide them along their path of self-discovery.

We expect students to take responsibility for their academic choices and progress.

Our Goals

To create an environment which fosters positive engagement with undergraduates and provides a supportive workplace for staff

To partner and support undergraduates as they navigate their academic journey

To encourage undergraduates as they explore interests, skills and abilities

To engage with undergraduates through the development of meaningful educational plans

To motivate undergraduates to Thrive @ Carolina and reach their ultimate goal of graduation


Come and see us in one of our three locations during drop-in hours and for advising appointments. Explore and make use of the information on our website to contribute to your academic success.


Chloe Russell

 Chloe Russell, Associate Dean and Director, Academic Advising Program