Choosing a Professional School

Many professional schools at UNC require a separate admissions process. If you wish to enter one of these programs, you should begin preparing as soon as possible.

Select the school and program you are interested in. Look in the undergraduate catalog (or below) for a list of all programs along with the admissions process and requirements and timeline for each

Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your intended major and the steps you should take before applying. In addition, you should talk about pre-requisites coursework and general education requirements.

We recommend having at least one alternate major in mind that does not require admission.

Note the dates you need to apply. Remember, some of the professional schools have multiple enrollment dates.


While each school has its own admissions process, there are some steps common to all programs.


Use the resume resources provided by University Career Services and The Writing Center for important information and events to help you build a strong resume.


Read guidelines for interviewing on the University Career Services website and attend their workshops for in-person assistance.

Personal Statement

Read The Writing Center’s resources for writing application essays, and visit one of their tutors for personalized help.

References and Letters of Recommendation

Use resources from University Career Services and The Writing Center to ask for letters of recommendation.

Advising Process

Once you’re admitted to a professional school, you will be assigned a new advisor within that school. All your primary advising activities will be taken care of with your new advisor in your professional school, including:

  • Graduation clearance
  • Dropping/adding courses
  • Changing and adding majors/minors. If you wish to add a minor or second major that is not part of your professional school (meaning it is overseen by the College of Arts and Sciences), you will start this process with your professional school.

Learn more about UNC’s Professional Schools and their admission processes:

  • Application and admissions (includes prerequisite coursework)
  • Application window: October – January  15
  • Catalog FAQ

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

Music Education (K-12)

  • Program Details (including test requirements and how to apply)
  • Admission Term Spring 2019: TBD
  • Admission Term Summer 2019: TBD
  • Admission Term Fall 2018: June 12, 2018

UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching (UNC-BEST)

Human Development and Family Studies Major




Environmental Health Sciences 

Health Policy and Management 

  • Application and admissions
  • Application Windows: Applications for Spring 2019:  September 1 – September 30
  • Applications for Fall 2019: TBD
  • Admission: Current UNC students do not formally apply to Media and Journalism majors, with the exception of Business Journalism, which does have an application. For all other concentrations, students will automatically be promoted into the Media & Journalism School  if they have a 3.1 GPA, achieve 45 credit hours, and are pre-declared Media & Journalism.