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As Carolina families, here is what you can do to help foster our mission:

  • Communicate with your student.
  • Encourage your student to take responsibility for their academic and other decisions.
  • Go over the Student Resources page together.
  • Encourage your student to see their advisor regularly, at least once a year. Find an advisor.
  • Support student accountability. Encourage your student to take responsibility for their own education.
  • Encourage your student to communicate with their advisor about any confusing policies or procedures.
  • Review academic calendars before planning family activities. University attendance policy will not be waived for students based on family activities or plans. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for more information. Please pay particular attention to the final examination schedule. Exam excuses may only be issued for serious illness and personal/family emergencies.
  • Visit the New Student and Family Programs website to see how you can get involved.
  • Encourage your student to visit their instructors during office hours and to use campus resources.

Accessing Grades and Other Academic Information

We strongly recommend that students communicate with their families about academic matters. We advise students to share academic information, including grades, with their families when appropriate. According to federal law (FERPA), once a student enrolls at the University, the student’s parents/guardians do not have automatic access to the student’s educational records unless they claim the student as a dependent for federal income tax purposes or have the student’s written consent. For additional information, please see the University Registrar’s website.  For more information on how to set up a proxy FERPA pin to give access to academic records, see this site.

Building on the foundation their families have given them, and as part of their transition to mature, self-reliant individuals, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their academics, including grades.