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questions Registration and Scheduling

  • Add a Course
  • Drop a Course
  • Overload (>18 hours)
  • Transferring Courses to UNC
  • Inter-Institutional Request
  • ConnectCarolina Holds

questions Major/Minor Course Planning

  • Declare/Change Major or Minor
  • Information About Majors and Minors
  • Prepare for Professional Schools
  • Track Your Degree Progress

questions Academic Difficulty and Appeals

  • Appeals Process
  • Transfer to Part-Time Studies
  • Academic Eligibility
  • Withdraw from UNC
  • Readmission to UNC
  • Non-Traditional Readmission to UNC

questions Policies

  • Foreign Languages
  • Experiential and Native Speakers
  • Pass/Fail
  • Final Exam Excuses
  • Additional Semester Request
  • Additional Policies and Procedures

questions Student Resources

  • Newly Admitted First-Year Students
  • Newly Admitted Transfer Students
  • Newly Admitted Student Athletes in Summer Session II
  • First-Year Students
  • Steps for Success in Sophomore and Junior Years
  • Senior Year and Graduation