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Headshot of Madison Barella


Hickerson House, Room 202

Contact | 919-445-1045

Alma Mater:

Villanova University, UNC-Chapel Hill


BA in Psychology, M.Ed in Counseling

What I enjoy most about working with students:

I love being able to work with students in developing their passions! It is so exciting when I can be part of a student’s successful journey to doing the thing they love.

My hometown:

Chicago, IL

First job out of college:

Middle School Counselor

Lowest grade I got as an undergrad:

C in Biocalculus, but I think he was being generous because I went to his office hours every day…

If I didn’t work for Advising I would:

Work with animals in some capacity (I worked as a wildlife rehabilitation employee for a while)!

Bucket list item:

Travel to every continent!