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Molly Drilling


Steele Building, Room 2008

Contact | 919-843-6640

Alma Mater:

Iowa State University (undergrad), Indiana University (graduate)


B.S. Psychology; M.S. Counseling and Counselor Education

What I enjoy most about working with students:

Getting to mentor and contribute to their growth, wellness, and educational goals.

My hometown:

Madrid, Iowa

First job out of college:

Counselor (mental health) at Clemson University

Lowest grade I got as an undergrad:

D in Cognitive Psychology

If I didn’t work for Advising I would:

Probably work in another capacity helping students succeed, pursue wellness, and promote social justice. Possibly interior design or landscape design.

Bucket list item:

So many! Learn how to surf and spend a month or more surfing in Hawaii.