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To apply for a credit overload for the semester, please submit your request here.

Before the start of a term, students can request to register for more than 18 hours in fall or spring and more than 8 in a summer session. Complete this form once you are activated for registration for the term in which you are requesting an overload. There are three ways to qualify for an overload of 19 hours (requests for 20 or 21 hours are rarely granted and typically reserved for seniors who need the hours for graduation or students in truly extenuating circumstances):

  1. GPA
    You earned a GPA of at least 3.0 in the previous semester; and
    Your cumulative GPA is at least 2.5
  2. You require an overload to graduate in the term requested
  3. Obtain special permission from a dean

You will receive a confirmation email once you submit your request for an overload. You will receive a decision at the start of the term; and if approved, your hours will be increased the day before the first day of classes. Once the terms starts, you may make your request using this form or by coming in person during drop-in advising hours.