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Important information on ENGL 105/105i

Why have I been pre-enrolled into ENGL 105/105i for the spring?

All first-year students at UNC Chapel Hill must take English 105 or 105i, a course designed to introduce you to academic writing on our campus. Both ENGL 105 and 105i satisfy the Composition and Rhetoric (CR) Foundation requirement.


How do I swap my assigned section of ENGL 105/105i if I have a time/schedule conflict?

If you have a time conflict, you may swap into another open section of ENGL 105/105i on ConnectCarolina. If you aren’t sure how to swap a class, please watch this video. Written instructions for how to swap a class section may be found here. Please note Monday, January 25, 2021 (the last day for a student to add a course to their spring schedule in Connect Carolina) is the final day to make changes to your spring course schedule.


What if I already have credit for ENGL 105/105i?

Besides taking ENGL 105/105i at UNC Chapel Hill, there is only one way to earn credit for ENGL 105/105i, and that is by earning transfer credit from another college or university.


Students under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) receive ENGL 105 transfer credit. This includes students from a North Carolina Community College who earn their AA degree, AS degree, or complete both ENG 111 and 112. Please note AP/IB credit (literature or language) does not count for ENGL 105.


What if I can’t take ENGL 105/105i during the spring?

Until you take ENGL 105/105i, a registration hold will be placed on your student account in ConnectCarolina. To have the hold removed from your student account, please visit our virtual drop-in hours to speak with an academic advisor about your plans to take ENGL 105/105i.


What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please visit our virtual drop-in hours to speak with an academic advisor. You can also contact the Student Services Manager Amy Merritt in the Department of English & Comparative Literature for urgent ENGL 105/105i scheduling and/or registration questions. You can send an email (include your PID) to or visit her office in Greenlaw 200.