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Final Exam Excuses

The online exam excuse request for is available here:

Students whose primary major is in the College of Arts & Sciences may request an exam excuse for one of the following reasons:

  • Two final exams scheduled at the same time
  • Three final exams that start within one 24-hour period
  • Approved ARS accommodations that impact overall testing time
  • Reasons such as religious observances, illness*, or other serious problems that conflict with a final exam

For spring 2020, requests should be made no later than April 23; however, the form will remain open through the last day of final exams (May 5).  *Students who are too ill to take an exam should contact Campus Health Services (919-966-6573) to speak to Nursing Services to be placed on the Infirmary List.

You should know which exam you wish to move prior to accessing the request form. Please reference the official final exam schedule.

Per UNC policy, if one of your courses is listed in the final exam schedule under the section for common hour exams, then the excuse must be used for that class.  For more information, consult the official UNC Final Exam Excuse Policy.