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The nomination form is open until April 15 at 11:59pm!

Nominate an Outstanding Academic Advisor

  • Can you think of an advisor at Carolina who has made a special effort to help you navigate the University, curriculum or your major; helped you understand academic policies; or given helpful advice on your long-term dreams and plans? Advisors all over campus do these things and more and you can help this person receive recognition from the most important group at Carolina – the students. Please take a few minutes to nominate an advisor and provide a detailed description (at least 3 sentences) of how this person has made a difference in your Carolina experience. These two awards are based on student feedback only. Thank you!

    "The Mickel-Shaw Excellence in Advising Award" is given annually to three (3) advisors in The UNC Advising Program in the College of Arts & Sciences and the General College.

    "The Class of 1996 Award for Advising Excellence" is given to three (3) academic advisors. Advisors in academic departments, undergraduate professional schools and in the Academic Advising Program in the College of Arts & Sciences and the General College are eligible for these awards

    NOMINATIONS ARE DUE by 11:59pm on April 15. You may submit your nomination online using the form below.